Wheat Germ Oil

Wheatgerm oil is the essence of the wheat and the source of wheat life, so the organic wheat germ oil is called "diamond of oil". It is made purified wheat germ for the processing of raw materials. Belongs to the oil linoleic acid species, the wheatgerm oils are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and including oleic acid content of up to 70% of the total that it is essential to human beings but only from the outside intake of nutrients.

Organic wheat germ oil is contains natural vitamin E, it is the only vitamin E oil-β species. The content of VE in wheatgerm oil, is higher than any other plant oil, The product has the function of anti-ageing, and could improve body immunity, reduce pigmentation, improve the elasticity of skin. This makes it resistant to the sterile, anti-aging, promote human metabolism, enhance physical strength and memory, lower cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system function.

wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil contains about 100ppm of the 28 alcohol, and recognized as anti-fatigue substances in the world. As a natural nutrients it has build up their strength and improve muscle function and the role of exercise endurance.

In addition, this oil also contains choline, cholesterol and other plant nutrients and trace elements such as glutathione, then it known as the "longevity vitamin trove because of the physiological effects in Europe and the United States.

Index of physical and chemical of refined wheat germ oil:




Clear transparency

Color (Lovibond Tintometer 133.4 )

≤Y35, R5.0

Odor, Flavor,

With the natural odor and flavor of wheat germ oil

Refractive Index

1.469 1.478


0.92 0.94

Iodine g/100g

128 - 148

Vitamin E


Water & Volatile


Impurity %


Heating Test (280)

The color of oil may be darker, but not being black, there is few deposit in oil

Value of peroxide m mol/kg


Value of acid mg KOH/g



Packing: 25kg/ plastic kettle, 180kg/iron drum, 200kg/iron drum


  • Cooking: Add amount of oil in the pot, and heating will be distributed out of wheat germ oil Qing unique flavor.
  • Cold cooking: In cold dishes to add about 10 drops of wheat germ oil, increase nutrition (do not substitute other spices).
  • External skin and hair care: cosmetics applied to the field, can be used as base oil or the effectiveness of oil to use, with the promotion of skin metabolism, reduce pigmentation, protect the skin moisture, skin beauty, and preserve our youth and so on.
  • Health: applications to the field of health products or medicines can be used as an additive proprietary Chinese medicines or health products and their agents agonist use.
  • Preparing the soft capsule of wheat germ oil
  • Cosmetic: Preparing the wheat germ refined oil to manufacture the cosmetic or the base oil for skin
  • Edible concoction oil: preparing the nutrition concoction oil, to cater for the demand of nutrition