Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is a kind of natural oils that it made a pure naturaland pollution-free flaxseed as raw materials and using low-temperature pressing with precision filter. It is the world's most popular top-level functional lipid-lowering cooking oil due to good quality, smell fragrant and rich in α-linolenic acid as high as 50%. Full production of temperatures have been below 40 and fully retain their natural nutrients characterized by its high unsaturated reserves, about 20% oleic acid, linoleic acid 15%, linolenic acid of up to 58% or so, have characterized by high content varieties, superior quality and pure natural.

flaxseed oil

Affection of the flaxseed linseed oil

  • to adjust three high(falls blood-fat, falls blood pressure, falls blood sugar)
  • restores the chemical liver damage, prevents the progress of hepatitis effectively
  • preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, preventing myocardial infarction and the cerebral infarction, suppress cerebral hemorrhage
  • resistance HIV<HIV> infection, suppress prostatitis
  • reduces the germ invasion ability, prevents prostatitis
  • improves the inflammation, prevents and controls asthma, allergy, specificity eczema
  • supplement cerebrum, anti-senile, anti-weary enhance intelligence, protection eyesight
  • increases EPA and DHA, reduces arachidonic acid, the preventing senile dementia
  • the beauty, delay senility, increases the skin elasticity, the white hair changes the black hair and losses weight


Cooking: When cooking should follow scientific cooking method that the hot pot cold oil, avoids the nutrition draining. By maximum limit to maintain the nutrients not to destroy.
Beauty: Takes some in the flesh, can increase the skin elasticity and soapy.
Appearance:  straw yellow liquid of Limpid and transparent

Index of physical and chemical of organic flax seed oil:





Acid value(mg/KOH/g) 


Iodine number(Gi/100g)  


Refractive indices(20) 


Peroxide values 




Saponification value  (mgKOH/g)


Packing 25kg plastic drum, 200kg iron drum 1.8L/drum