Chili Oil

Chilli pepper oil is a kind of nutrient seasoning oil which has the special spice and savor of high-qualified red hot chilli pepper seeds , no stinky or peculiar smell. Its mostly used in cold dishes and chafing dishes which supposed to be hot and oily.

The fatty acid contained in the red hot pepper oil is mainly unsaturated fatty acid (80% plus). Besides, the proportion of the essential unsaturated linoleic acid is as high as 70%. It also contains some capsaicin within.
chili seed oil
Chili oil plays an important role in eastern food or western food. it is not difficult to find it, from hamburger to hot pot, from barbecue to pizza, from sushi to curry rice, including but not limited to those, and it is tasteless to many people without chili oil. With increasing living standard, people have higher requirements to chili oil, such as, natural, healthy, nutritional and green. If you have special demands to chili oil, you can proceed deep processing.