Periall Seed Oil

Perilla seed oil is a natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The composition of the fatty acids are: Palmitic acid 4.0-12.0%, Stearic acid 1.0-4.0%, Oleic acid 10.0-25.0%, Linoleic acid 10.0-25.0%, Alpha Linolenic acid 50.0-70.0%.

Perila seed oil is a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA for short), that is an essential fatty acid in human body, also is not found in the normal diet. ALA is used as the nutrient supplement for lowering blood pressure, blood fat, protecting heart diseases, stimulating the growth of nerve system, brain and retina, helping remember longer, anticancer, etc.

The ALA content contains in perilla seed oil is 50% to 70%, that means it is the highest ALA content can be found in the natural plant oil since then.

Perilla seed oil along with flax seed oil are called oil for your smart brain and healthy body, that means ALA performs the function of optimum brain health, helping remember longer. It is a kind of food for anticancer in USA, in Japan, it is added in the food for pregnant women and baby as the nutritional oil.

Active Ingredient: Alpha Linolenic acid (ALA)
ALA is useful in protecting against heart diseases, improving immune function, cancer provention.

Perilla Seeds Oil

Specification sheet
Acid Value (AV):                                   3.0mgKOH/g max.
Peroxide value (POV):                          16.0meq/kg max.
Refractive Index:                             1.481-1.483
Specific gravity:                               0.921-0.931
Moisture&Volatile:                            0.05% max.
Iodine value:                                    190-206g/100g
Saponification value:                       188-197mg/g
Fatty acid profile:
Palmitic acid:                   C16:0               5.0-9.2%
Stearic acid:                    C18:0               1.3-2.8%
Oleic acid:                       C18:1               13.0-22.0%
Linoleic acid:                   C18:2               12.0-23.0%
Alpha Linolenic acid:        C18:3               50.0-70.0%
Aflatoxin:       5ug/g max.
Heavy metals:
Arsenic:         0.010 max.
Lead:            0.050 max.

Dosage and Storage:
Shelflife: 2 years
Storage: Protect from light, Sealed tighten in Cool place
Dosage: Soft gel capsule, intake with water, twice a day, 2 capsules once
      Liquid in bottle, Daily intake less than 3ml.