Walnut Oil

Organic walnut oil is a selection the walnut with high quality as raw material and derived from sub-critical extraction of natural products for walnut oil. There is rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acid content of up to 90%, and contain mainly linoleic acid, oleic acid and linolenic acid , in which linoleic acid and linolenic acid is not only an essential but not the synthesis of its essential fatty acids that must be obtained from food. Pure walnut oil is rich nutrient and recognized as the health of woody plant oils in the world. It is as well kown as longevity oil.

walnut oil

100% pure organic walnut oil can be applied to the following groups:

 1. Children
 Children have complement with Ω-6 linoleic acidand Ω-3 linolenic acid from childhood, an adult is away from a variety of diseases.

  2. Pregnant Women
 Ω-6 linoleic acid, Ω-3 linolenic acid on brain growth and development of the child during pregnancy, very good, especially the pregnant women in 3 months, as walnut, walnut oil has Bunao brain and moisturizing advantages of UFA .

 3. Groups of people engaged in high load mental
Ω-6 linoleic acid, Ω-3 linolenic acid has obvious lipid-lowering, Pai fat role, can quickly reduce cholesterol and blood viscosity. And brain, enhance memory, protect eyesight has obvious advantages.

 4. The elderly population
Ω-3 linolenic acid in the human body can be involved in prostaglandin synthesis, and increase activity, improve metabolism and platelet cohesion and the prevention of high blood lipids, hypertension, high blood sugar as a whole. While removal of excess cholesterol, play a role in maintaining blood flow. Thus, dietary saturated and unsaturated fatty acid ratio should cause all kinds of people's attention.

Walnut oil has a unique nourishing, nutrition, health care role. Nourishing splenorenal, its nutritional value is 8.5 times that of soybean, peanut 6 times, eggss 12 times, milk 25 times, meat 10 times, the company's production of walnut oil, the taste delicious, nutrient-rich, good quality and suitable for use in a variety of crowd.


Olelic acid 


Linoleic acid


Linolenic acid


Palmitic acid


Stearic acid




Saturated fatty acid


Healthy Walnut Oil for Sale

Production specification:




Clear transparency

Color (Lovibond Tintometer 25.4mm )

≤Y30, R4.0

Odor, Flavor

Normal, No strange smell

Density mg/ml

0.902 0.929

Refractive Index

1.467 1.482

Saponification Value mgKOH/g

183 - 197

Water & volatile %


Iodine g/100g

140 - 174

Impurity %


Residual Solvents mg/kg


Acid Number mgKOH/g


Value of peroxide m mol/kg


Packing: 25kg/plastic kettle, 180kg/iron durm, 200kg/iron drum

Ingredient in the walnut oil can be adjusted in line with client's demand, we promise all ingredients are natural element.


  • Shelf life : 18 months
  • Production techniques : Low temperature lixiviate
  • Storing : Keep in dry, cool place, free from light
  • Oral administration: walnut oil belong to sub-dry oil, it can be drinking 15-20ml for each day
  • Cooking: It can directly using in cooking or cold and dressed with sause, it also can be used when the dish ready. More delicious, more healthy!