Grapeseed Oil

Product name: Grape Seed Oil
Product materials: Natural Grape Seeds

Organic grapeseed oil is a kind of healthy edible oil that extracted from fresh grape seed by the low-temperature squeezing refining.At present, the amount of unsaturated fatty acid reach 90 percent which is necessary to human body, and the amount of linoleic acid reach more than 75 percent , i which can decrease the cholesterol in the blood ,the linoleic acid content higher than any kind of animal and vegetable oil that have already known. There is also a great deal of vitamin E, A , D and trace elements in grape seed oil. For its high content of linoleic, it has been warm welcomed by cookers, housewives with its good thermostability, high smoke point and it doesnt pollute the environment under high temperature. can be used in many kinds of cosmetic, and can be used on the skin directly as massage oil, it is helpful for keeping skin smooth and reduce the look of fine lines.

grapeseed oil

Cold-pressed gape seed crude oil is a liquid oil with light yellow or light green, no abnormal odor and non-solid-bile alcohols, which is degummed/dewaxed and deodorized under hygiene condition. And sodium after refined, is an advanced nutritional edible oil, also used as natural carrier oils in aromatherapy and massage.

Grape seed oil have affection for outside skin care, it not only absorbed through the skin, nutrition, skin cells, preventing rough skin and hyperkeratosis, but also very fresh lubricating, non-irritating. There is a good natural skin care products for especially suitable for children. Lower blood fat and blood concentrations and prevent hardening of the arteries and of the thrombosis and other biological effects,but also the maintenance of epithelial and nerve cells produce the normalstructure and function and anti-oxidation, anti-aging, protect vision, promotion of children's the growth and development and other physiological effects, grape seed oil is suitable for a variety of populations, especially suitable for the elderly eat.

The specification of product:




Clear transparency


Light yellow green

Odor, Flavor

Normal, No strange smell

Relative Density mg/ml

0.920 - 0.926

Refractive Index (25)

1.467 - 1.477

Saponification Value mgKOH/g

188 - 194

Water & volatile %


Iodine g/100g

128 - 150

Impurity %


Residual Solvents mg/kg


Acid Number mgKOH/g


Value of peroxide m mol/kg


Packing: 25kg/plastic kettle, 180kg/iron drum, 200kg/iron drum