How to Distinguish Illegal Oil from Natural Oil

Illegal oil refers to various types of bad quality cooking oil, such as recycled oil and repeated use of frying oil. Long term consumption may cause cancer, illegal oil have done great harm on human body. In order to make extra benefits, many food processing stores and restaurants adopt the illegal oil. Through special processing technology, average people cannot distinguish it from high quality oil. All natural oil in AGICO is healthy and green, so you do not have to worry about additives and preservatives. Raw materials in making natural oil are native and harmless, such as almond, flaxseed, wheat germ, sesame seed, hemp seed and pumpkin seed and so on.

Natural Oil for Sale

In the following, we show you several ways to make a distinction between illegal oil and natural oil. Firstly, observation, transparency is one key factor to identify oil quality. The transparency of illegal oil will decline and pure oil is colorless. Secondly, smell, each oil has its own unique smell, and you can drop little oil in your palm, hands together and friction, heat carefully smell its odor. If you smell something different and stink, do NOT buy. Thirdly, taste, if oil taste sour and bitter, it is 90% illegal oil.

All natural oil in AGICO are certificated and passed the ISO9001 authentication. If you need, we are pleasure to send you samples.